Isn’t She Lovely?

HOuse 1
“Thank you” to all who signed up for “Simply Sutherland – The Rebirth of a Charleston Home” this past week. My goal is to post updates at least once per week to keep you abreast of all that is happening with the renovation. Since today  marks one week since our maiden voyage, I guess I better get busy.

This past week has been “demo week” just like on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Only without Chip Gaines. I am beginning to think that we may have a couple of versions of our own “Chip” with the crew from Engelke Homes I will spare you the photograph, but last week as we entered the house someone had placed a petrified rat on the newel post of the stairs! The home was built in 1913. My bet is he was around for most of those years. Our grandchildren got a big kick out of that one.  🙂 I digress…

I am sure you are anxious to see photos of the demolition. My thoughts are that they would make more of an impression if you saw photos of the interior “pre-demo”, right? So today I picked out several photos that best represent the interior as it looked just 7 short days ago. You can find the photos below. I will share the demo pictures with you next week. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Station. (For anyone under 40 that was a Batman reference.)

Even though we are at the beginning of this adventure David & I are starting to make the choices that will make this house a home. One of my favorite, but more challenging tasks is to pick out the paint colors.We have chosen colors for the exterior. Colors I simply LOVE. There is only one catch. Our neighbor to the left is also renovating her home. As her contractors prep the house for painting I am waiting with baited breath to see what hue they will carry in their buckets. I’m hoping the color that she loves will not be the color I love or anything akin to it. Of course I could ask her. And she would gladly tell me as she is a very nice lady. But what difference does it make she’s painting first so she gets first choice. I’ll just let the anticipation build. And of course, I’ll keep you posted!

And there ya have it folks. Consider yourselves up to date on the progress and happenings at “Simply Southerland – The Rebirth of a Charleston Home”.

Footnote: I am so glad I have these photographs. It just hit me as I look at these posted pictures that this house, that looked the same for 103 years, will never be the same again. I am caught of guard by unexpected sadness. Don’t worry Sutherly. (That’s her name you know.) We will make you lovely again! 🙂

House 2b


HOuse 3b

HOuse 4b


HOuse 8

House 9

HOuse 7b

HOuse 10

About cinellsworth

Hi! My husband David & I live in Charleston SC where we own a small entrepreneurial business. Our most recent project however, is the renovation of a 103 year old home in the Hampton Park Terrace area of town. Our friends seem anything from intrigued to bewildered that we are brave or crazy enough to take on such a task. We thought it might be fun to let everyone come along on our journey via the form of a blog. This is my very first attempt at such a feat, so please do not judge to harshly. I’ll try to make up for my lack of experience with honestly and humor as I share with you the excitment that lies before us. Let’s just hope there is a minimum of drama! 🙂 Hang on to your hats, folks. Here we go!


12 responses to “Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. Great post. I am going to really enjoy following you and David on this journey.


  2. Sandy Hubbard

    Cindy & Dave, I am so glad you are you are sharing your journey with us. Since I have visited your “new/old” house in person twice, cannot wait to see the transformation. By the way I can still “smell” it!!


  3. Jonathan Warrington

    Great to see the before pics. So excited to be along for the ride. Really enjoyed Moe’s.


  4. How fun! I’m so excited for you guys and excited to watch it all happen. XO


  5. Suzette Bilbrey Roberson

    lookn good , should be beautiful when done, isur home a 3 level


  6. Beverly Cole

    I think this is absolutely awesome. I am so glad you are posting your progress. It will be a great journey. Happy to follow along.


  7. Beth Bentley-Shelton

    Cindy I am so jealous. This is one of my dreams that I would love to do. Love you anyway. Beth😊


    • Well, few times in my life has anyone been jealous of me. 🙂 I’m going to bask I. The moment of I don’t mind. 🙂 Thanks, Beth! You will always be my little sister from another mother. I hope you get your chance some day too.


  8. Bonnie jones

    Take care of that rose bush


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