Every Picture Tells A Story

10 Sutherland 093

Hi folks! I hope all is well with everyone in our little virtual community we are building. It’s been awhile since the last post, but there hasn’t been a lot of information to share. That is until the last couple of days. We are excited to finally be making some progress.

In order to give you a full report, I need some more photographs which I plan to take this weekend. I will give you the full details in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I have something to share.

The folks in Hampton Park Terrace are the coolest. We are starting to feel like we already live there. We were invited to a party last weekend and met some really nice people. One of them was a gentlemen who happened to have 150 photos of our house from 2 years ago, just after the home was vacated.

I thought that in the interim of me preparing a full report on the happenings at 10 Sutherland Avenue, I’d share some of them with you. Warning: They are not for the faint of heart. I feel it necessary  to share them though so that you will have the full impact of her start to finish transformation.

I am very much looking forward to sharing all the new details with you. Until then, y’all take care and have a fabulous holiday weekend!

10 Sutherland 098

10 Sutherland 100

10 Sutherland 095

10 Sutherland 089

10 Sutherland 088

10 Sutherland 081

10 Sutherland 063

10 Sutherland 062

10 Sutherland 054

10 Sutherland 039





10 responses to “Every Picture Tells A Story

  1. Jonathan Warrington



  2. I just gagged a little bit…well actually, a LOT!


  3. carolyn

    just discovered you! hello neighbor. we are renovating our house, 5 kenilworth, just a few blocks away. a big project but your photos make me feel lucky! our house was built around the same time as yours and converted into a 2 family rental at some point, maybe in the 30’s

    i’ve owned it since 2002 and kept it rented out (we live in NYC) but when the tenants left under cover of dark one night- the condition of the house was appalling!- i decided it was time for us to make the move! i’ve been the wardrobe supervisor of the spoleto festival for the past 36 years so i have a great love for charleston

    looking forward to updates and to meeting you one day


    • Hello! It is so nice to make contact with another nice person from our new neighborhood.

      I drove by your house ( I think) this afternoon. Is it white with a big wrap around porch? If so, it is lovely! When will it be finished?

      I’m glad my dump makes you feel better. Trouble is, there’s no one worse than me to make me feel better! LOL

      Thank you so much for signing up for my blog. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Feel free to touch base the next time you’re in town. We can swap house toors.😊


      • carolyn

        yes, that’s it, very grand. i’ve always called it “the mansion”
        the tenants left it in a sorry state- the roof was leaking and parts of the ceiling caved in and they never reported it to the management company! the place was filled with mold but the floors are lovely.
        i didn’t have the money to fix it without selling my apt but my boyfriend wanted to get the structural work done so the place wouldn’t get more damaged and he paid for that. my apt closes on monday so i’ll pay him back and take over on the house. no real floor plan yet- i’m certain of some things and not so certain about others. the house has no closets and as far as i can tell, only 2 bedrooms- although the family that built it had 7 children! and my renters used many rooms as bedrooms.
        we are going to finish the attic by adding some dormers and have a guest room and a bath and storage up there
        when will it be ready? god only knows. my 92 year old father thinks the move is imminent. he keeps talking about getting rid of his winter coats since he won’t need them down there. this afternoon we discussed shower stall vs tub for his bathroom. he went for the shower
        we’re flying down on the evening of july 13 to see the house on the 14th and then come back to NY on friday, july 15
        by now, the walls have been opened up so i’ll have a chance to see how the house takes light without walls. i too was sad to lose the plaster but it had been covered over with textured sheetrock- awful and it made all the moldings very shallow. of course, we would have pulled the sheetrock and saved the plaster but there was a reason they covered the plaster up in the first place!
        it will be nice when it’s all done and we can settle in and really become a part of hampton park


      • I bet you can hardly wait to see the progress. We go to see our almost everyday with hardly any progress. We have been at a standstill (pretty much) for at least a month due to the BAR. That is a blog within itself that I think I will choose to not write. But that is behind us and things are finally starting to happen.

        I can’t wait to meet you. If you have a ces to at least drive by, please do. Chances are, if it’s late afternoon, I will be there. I know your visit will be short this time but maybe sometime in the near future.

        Thank you again for following our journey!


  4. carolyn

    we will certainly swing by on thursday and see if you are there!


  5. carolyn

    oh so sorry! our flight got so delayed that we canceled the trip. such a drag. next time


    • Oh good! Not really of course. 🙂 But have been worried that I didn’t get back to you that we would be out of town until late last night. I was so busy I didn’t have a chance to say so. Let me know the next time you are scheduled to be in town. Maybe we can swap house tours. I know also that you may have limited time so, we shall see, right? 🙂 Have a good weekend!


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