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Hey folks!  I apologize for the lapse between posts. I hope you don’t mind. Let me explain my system in this way.

Anyone older than 40 may remember an old commercial starring Orson Wells. It was an advertisement for a winery. His famous line was, “We will sell no wine before it’s time.” Well, that’s kind of my philosophy when it comes to this blog. There may be some lapsing between posts but I have to wait until there is sufficient information to share. So, for future reference, “I will post no blog before it’s time.” Just so you’ll know. Turns out Orson and I have a lot in common!

As for the title, a little strange you may think?  Sometimes I lay in bed thinking of the general subject for the upcoming blog and try to think of a song that relates to the subject. As I have mentioned before, the title is always a song with a You Tube video at the end for your listening pleasure. It is relaxing for me to lay there and associate words with the soundtrack of my life. This weeks subject was a little more difficult.

Here’s how it all started. We stopped at the house for a meeting with Marc, our contractor. I can’t remember what was on the agenda but toward the end he says, “Oh yes, did you take a look of the front porch ceiling?”

A little background here if you don’t mind. I had mentioned to Marc a few days before that we planned to have a swing on the front porch and could they make sure there was sufficient support in the ceiling. Well, true to his nature as a perfectionist, it wasn’t as simple as I had imagined. They took down the ceiling of the porch (mind you some boards needed replacement) to install a beam that would support the weight of the swing.

The surprise was when they noticed that they had created a thing of beauty. Ot at least with a great potential for beauty.


Marc asked me what I thought. Wow! That’s what I thought. He proceeded to tell me how they could sand down a lot of the colors that represented years of the  painted history of the home. They would then apply a whitewash type finish. I was intrigued to say the least. I am still not totally convinced. Mainly because my vision for Sutherly was for her to have a watermelon colored door. Some of you may be thinking  that it might be a good thing to go in another direction 🙂 But it will be hard to let go of that part of my vision,.

Now your probably thinking, “Where is she going with this and what does that have to do with the title? Well, I will tell you.

As Marc and I stood there on that porch I was reminded of a similar feeling I had at a time like this in my creative past. I used to be a quilter. This situation reminded me of the times when I would have a design in my head for a quilt. I would go to the fabric store and buy the different coordinating fabrics for all the different parts and go home excited to get started.

But more times than not, my quilt would surprise me. I would get the top almost finished and she would say, ” I need a purple fabric for my back. Not the blue you picked out. And maybe some green would be nice to outline the border.” She was always right and I would oblige her.  The quilt always turned out much prettier than I had imagined every time.

So that’s what I was thinking. Sutherly may be telling me that she doesn’t want a watermelon door. And also, to please keep an open mind as we go forward. Have ideas but leave space for change.

As I lay in bed that night, with all that running through my mind, this song came to me. It’s a Doobie Brothers song from the What Were Once Vises Are Now Habits album. It seemed perfect. Yep, “Tell Me What You Want …and I’ll give you what you need.” You just have to be still and listen sometimes.

Thanks for bearing with me with that little story. It meant a lot to me to share it with  you.

And now, from the progress department.  Folks, we have a roof!  Our beautiful silver metal roof was installed this week. And not by just any installation team either. Mike and Justin North have roofed some of the most notable buildings in the state. Take for instance the State House building in Columbia. How about St. Michael’s Church at the Four Corners of Law? How’s that for a resume? And now they can say they have adorned the head of one of Charleston’s most amazing ladies; Sutherly herself!. Needless to say we are quite pleased.


AND what about that color? You like? 🙂 We love it! The painters still have the second coat and the trim to go. Soon, believe it or not, the outside of the house will be complete.

Let the drywalling begin! We had a few setbacks with the rain this week but the sheet rock was finally delivered.


The drywall installers were busy today making great progress.



Also, do any of you remember what I went through to find a 1920s 2-sided apron bathtub? Well here she is! If she looks this good with insulation for walls, just think how nice she will look when the rest of the bathroom catches up with her!


Well, I did it again.  I’m thinking I don’t have much to say and here I have worn your ears off. Sometimes I get carried away I guess.

And, so we don’t forget…

unnamed (2)

unnamed (4)

On that note I think I’ll say goodbye for this round. I will be back soon with all that’s worth sharing at 10 Sutherland Avenue. Y’all take care.

And don’t forget if you haven’t already, to sign up below for notification via email of future posts. Questions and  comments are more than welcomed.



8 responses to “Tell Me What You Want


    Absolutely amazing! I love it!!!

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  2. Vicki Cook

    Love the color! And that bathtub!!!!! 💕


  3. Betsy Turner

    The exterior color is beautiful and I think that porch ceiling will be a knockout.


  4. Gee thanks, Betsy! I think it’s about time for another tour, don’t you?


  5. Amanda Raulerson

    Love the color! The porch ceiling is beautiful too! You’re an excellent blogger/storyteller😊👌🏽👏🏽


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