Our House

David and I would like take a moment to thank Charleston Magazine for featuring our home in their November issue.

We were humbled by the words of BridgetVenatta as she seemed to look directly into our hearts and pull out all the love that we feel for our home. Drew Castelhano’s artful eye captured her more beautifully than we could have ever imagined. We send our most sincere gratitude to both artists.

We will always be grateful to Darcy Shankland and her staff for creating a treasure to follow the legacy of the old girl we call Sutherly. This certainly is the cherry on top of the entire renovation experience.

This Old House – Charleston Magazine

ThisOldHouse800x4002 (1)


8 responses to “Our House

  1. Carolyn Kostopoulos

    WOW!!!!!! congrats


  2. Kim/Fernando Rodriguez

    It was a fabulous article! And they truly captured the joy of your efforts! Beautiful photos, to boot.


  3. Tiffany Smoak

    Congratulations! That is awesome Cindy and Dave.
    House looks beautiful!


  4. Betsy Turner

    What a wonderful article about a really marvelous project. It sounds as though you wrote it, Cindy. I think the author truly understands.


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